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We create an interactive and supportive team that consists of family, home school district staff, and Helping Hand Center professionals. Our school is truly a therapeutic day program with clinical services, such as behavior analysis and occupational and speech therapy, woven into the classroom. We utilize specialized methods based on "best practices" in the field autism. Direct Instruction includes strategies that use functional communication training. We rely on a structured teaching method and we track data on a daily basis in order to determine if each student is making progress.



Our teachers are licensed special education teachers. Our instructional teaching assistants are specifically trained to work with students with autism, and, in most cases, hold a bachelor's degree.
Our clinicians are experienced and provide clinical guidance to the rest of the team.
Therapy goals are incorporated into each student's individual curriculum and carried out throughout each day. We have skilled behavior analysts who ensure that staff understand and respond to behaviors in a way that helps the students engage in the environment in an appropriate way.
Helping Hand's School for Children with Autism



School hours are from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The students' home school districts approve and pay for placement and provide transportation. We are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education and are a partner of the Autism Society of Illinois.
A student's primary diagnosis must be autism.