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Our Pediatric Clinic strives to help children improve their functioning, well-being and independence. We work with each family to create a treatment program based on the specific needs of the child and family. Often regarded as one of the best in our area, families love our clinic for the smiling faces and the nurturing environment that greet them, just as much as they love us for the positive outcomes they see when their children come for therapy at Helping Hand Center.
We work with children with a vast array of developmental delays and various disabilities. Some of the diagnoses we commonly treat include:



Speech & Language Pathology
Speech & Language Pathologists at Helping Hand assist children in developing language and communication skills, as well as swallowing skills.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists treat children holistically, addressing the cognitive, emotional and physical needs of each child through fun and motivating activities.
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists help children improve movement, strength, balance, gross motor skills, endurance and safety skills.

Music Therapy
Music Therapists utilize music & performance to help children with fine motor skills, emotional recognition, and social interaction.
Complimentary Screenings
We offer free screenings to families who are concerned about their young child (under the age of three) meeting developmental milestones. This screening process consists of a parent interview and observation of the child.
Comprehensive Evaluations
We offer evaluations in the areas of Global Development, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Pathology, and Physical Therapy.