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The learning environment at the Helping Hand Center School for Children with Autism is structured, supportive, and student-centered. All students receive truly individualized education plans, as well as direct attention from the teachers, assistants, behavior analysts and clinicians. Each child with autism is a unique individual with different motivators and learning channels. Working with this in mind, we design all interventions, teaching strategies, and supports to meet the specific learning styles and motivators of the individual child.
We assess each child to clearly identify the specific learning strengths and barriers of each child in order to design effective intervention strategies. We also collect data on a daily basis to determine if each child is making progress toward the individualized goals. Each child's program is continually adapted based on the progress that is being made.
Helping Hand's School for Children with Autism



School hours are from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The students' home school districts approve and pay for placement and provide transportation. We are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education and are a partner of the Autism Society of Illinois.
A student's primary diagnosis must be autism.