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Our high school transition program offers a variety of choices for students who want to sample adult services in the community.

Don't wait until your last year to start the transition process!

We offer day services for high school students who are at least 18 years old. With student participation in our day services prior to graduation, we help to make the transition from high school into adult services as seamless as possible. Students can choose from a variety of groups, including art, music and life skills training. Most students attend our program on a part-time basis, while still attending high school until they reach graduation. A more comprehensive plan of post-graduation services can be discussed prior to graduation so that the student can prepare for a full schedule of adult services, which might also include Employment Services and/or Housing Options in the community.

The student's high school coordinates this program with Helping Hand. Please ask your transition specialist if your high school can arrange a schedule that includes some day services at Helping Hand. Our Intake Coordinator can also assist parents in understanding the funding regulations for services after high school graduation.
What Sets Us Apart?
We open our doors to students while they are still in high school so they can get a sense of what adult services are provided in their community for after graduation.
Helping Hand's High School Transition Day Program



For information, please contact:

Athena Katsigiannis
Transition Outreach Specialist
(708) 352-3580 x271