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The Grace Program at Helping Hand Center was developed to meet the needs of our aging clients by allowing them to age in place as they enjoy the company of their peers and staff in an enriched, dynamic, yet, slower pace lifestyle, both in their home and in the Adult Day Program.

The GRACE Room functions as part of our Adult Day Program, specifically designed to meet the needs of our aging clients. To this end, Helping Hand Center developed a wellness model comprised of seven domains including physical, emotional, economic, personal, intellectual, community, and social wellness. This model allows clients to set and achieve goals that allow for the acquisition of new skills, practice of learned techniques, and continuation of peer socialization while focusing on programming with a purpose. The Grace program also embraces a curriculum designed by the GRACE Project that focuses on orientation, memory & reminiscence, communications, health & wellness, recreation & leisure, activities of daily living, and spirituality. Together these components comprise an Aging program that provides comprehensive programming, support, activity, socialization and substance to the daily lives of Helping Hand Clients.


6th Avenue is located in LaGrange and is home to clients with a diagnosis of Dementia/Alzheimer’s or clients in need of environmental change. GRACE programming is scheduled in the home Monday through Friday with the weekends to incorporate house activities along with group and individual pursuits. Weekdays offer clients the choice to remain at the house to engage staff in the GRACE curriculum in the comfort of their home or attend alternative programming at Subcon Packing & Assembly, East Avenue (Adult Program), or The Grace Program. The philosophy is person-centered and embraces the concept of “aging in place”. Programming opportunities between the Grace Room and 6th Avenue exist and are enjoyed by the clients. This allows for community outings and increased socialization experiences.

Aging with Grace

For information or a tour, contact:
Marcy Minshall
Aging Program Coordinator
(708) 352-3580 x312