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Clinical Services

Helping Hand Center's Clinical Services Program is one of the most comprehensive programs in the area.

This is largely due to the very diverse group of clinical professionals that we have working on our team. Currently our team is comprised of professionals who are licensed/certified Behavior Analysts, Social Workers, Counselors, Music Therapists and Art Therapists.  Due to our diverse clinical team, we are able to offer each client an individualized package of care that is developed and based on the individual strengths and needs of the client. Behavioral health professionals offer a variety of services to individuals that focus on helping clients to achieve their greatest level of independence as well as their emotional and social well-being.  


Day Program and Residential Services

Behavior Services:

Behavior Analysts work individually with clients to help decrease maladaptive behaviors that interfere with daily functioning. They work to help increase appropriate behaviors that allow clients to come into contact with social reinforcement. Behavior Analysts also provide skill acquisition services to clients. These services help to increase adaptive functioning related to social, occupation and emotional independence. Behavior Analysts will spend on average, 6 hours per month working individually with clients. The hours vary greatly depending on the current needs of the clients. Behavior Analysts typically work Monday through Friday, eight hours per day. Their schedules are arranged so that they will spend part of their time at the day program/work programs sites, in the community with clients and in their residential homes.  



Counseling services are provided both individually and within a group setting. 


Individual Counseling - Therapists work one to one with clients to address and treat mental and emotional disorders and work to promote positive mental health. Therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques used to address issues such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. Therapists also work on increasing skills such as self advocacy, self-esteem, community awareness and social skills. The frequency of services varies from one client to the next depending upon the needs of the individual. Some clients are seen on a weekly basis others are seen on a monthly basis. Typically individual sessions last for 20 – 75 minutes each. 


Group Counseling – Throughout the year we offer several counseling groups. The counseling group curriculums are developed by the team to meet the specific needs of the individuals in each group. Typically, clients meet as a group once a week for three months. Each group session is approximately an hour long. Some examples of current and past counseling groups that we have provided are: Self Advocacy, Social Skills Group, Art Therapy Group, Peer Leadership, Residential Group and the Adult Relationships Group.


Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic

Helping Hand Center’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic therapists specialize in providing behavioral health services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our diverse professional staff offers treatment approaches that are innovative, creative and focused on the emotional health and wellness of each individual.


Outpatient Clinic Services:

Mental Health & Diagnostic Testing:

Therapists assess and treat a variety of mental health concerns including mood and anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, and transitional difficulties in those diagnosed with a developmental disability and/or Autism. We also provide testing for Autism, Intellectual and Adaptive functioning.


Psychotherapy Services:

Therapists work with individuals to promote positive mental health. Therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques used to address issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management and psychosis. Therapists also work on increasing skills such as self- advocacy, self-esteem, community awareness and social skills. Helping Hand Center offers Individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy.

• Psychosocial Group Therapy – Group therapy focused on solving problems or concerns by facilitating emotional support amongst group members and the therapist. 

• Psycho-educational Group Therapy – Group therapy focused on skill building and educational support. 

• Family Therapy and SupportTherapy that works with all family members to nurture and change development.


Behavior Services:

• Skill Development – ABA therapy including Verbal Behavior, incidental teaching, Discrete Trial Training, ABLLS testing and other therapeutic techniques to address functional communication training, social skills training, attention and skill development.





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For additional information, contact:

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