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Our clinical team is very diverse allowing for a very individualized package of care for our adult clients. Currently the Clinical Team is comprised of 2 Social Workers, 2 Counselors, 1 Clinical Psychologist, 4 Behavior Analysts, 1 Recreational Therapist, 3 Music Therapists, and 1 Art Therapist.

Clinical services that we are currently providing:

Behavior Services

Currently we have 4 staff members proving Behavior Services to 74 clients.  

Behavior Analysts work with clients, in conjunction with members of the team, to help decrease any maladaptive behaviors that interfere with daily functioning. They work to help increase appropriate behaviors that allow clients to come into contact with social reinforcement. BA’s also provide skill acquisition services to clients. These services help to increase adaptive functioning related to social, occupation and emotional independence.

Mental Health and Therapeutic Services:

Individual Counseling

We currently have 5 staff members providing Individual Counseling Services to 20 clients.

Therapists work one to one with clients to address and treat mental and emotional disorders and work to promote positive mental health. Therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques used to address issues such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. Therapists also work on increasing skills such as self advocacy, self-esteem, community awareness and social skills.

Group Counseling (pull out groups)  

We currently have 3 staff members providing group counseling services to19 clients. Curriculums are developed by the team in order to meet the specific needs of the individuals in each group.

Groups that we have offered over the year: 

Adult Relationships Group

Peer Leadership Group


Self Advocacy




Group Counseling (schedule track groups)

We currently have 4 staff members providing group counseling services to 40 clients throughout the day as part of their scheduled groups.

Music Therapy

Art Therapy

Recreational Therapy


Other services provided by members the Clinical Team:

Clinical Supervision

Individual case consultation

Creating and facilitating staff trainings

Crisis management services

Program development



Future Plans:

Expansion of the Outpatient Clinic

We are expanding the Helping Hand outpatient clinic to include Behavioral Health Services for adults and children.

Some of the services we will provide for adults are: mental health diagnostic evaluations, Intellectual testing (WAIS-IV, Slosson, Vineland), behavioral services, individual counseling, and expressive therapies.

For children we will be offering outpatient behavior services, mental health diagnostic evaluations and treatment. By the end of summer 2012, we will be offering diagnostic testing for Autism spectrum disorders.

Autism School Services

We are looking in the future to provide individual and group counseling hours to the children in the school. .
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For additional information, contact:

Kate Speiser, LCSW

(708) 352-3580 x236