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The mission of Helping Hand Center is to assist persons with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence through quality programs and services.
The vision of Helping Hand Center is that people with disabilities and their families will select Helping Hand for rehabilitative services because of its ability to provide high quality, flexible and appropriate services that achieve desired outcomes.
Shared Values
Client Satisfaction
We are responsible for designing a family focused program based on a set of mutually agreed upon objectives to meet the evolving needs of the individual with disabilities.
Dignity & Respect
In a community of people with diverse needs, we treat all persons related to the organization with respect and dignity, and will value their ideas, provide honest feedback, and foster individual growth.
We collectively address each client's service needs by willingly interacting in a spirit of cooperation, communication, and collaboration.
We have a clear responsibility to protect our clients and staff by making health, safety, and environmental issues the primary consideration in everything we do. This requires appropriate and adequate training of staff and clients, as well as having the use of appropriate high quality equipment and facilities.
Continuous Improvement
We will continuously strive to do better than before in all aspects of our organization by consistently producing outstanding outcomes, exceeding expectations, and incorporating innovations. This improvement will be verified through study, measurement, and improved results.
Family Confidence
We will inspire a belief by families that the staff are competent, trustworthy, patient, and accepting by really caring about clients and by making a difference in their lives.
Cultural Sensitivity & Growth
The services provided should be offered in a manner that is sensitive to cultural and family issues. These services should promote growth, independence, and the opportunity to enhance the quality of our clients' lives.
Uncompromising Integrity
We will always adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct complying with all laws and regulations, honoring our commitments, and behaving in an honest, open, fair, ethical, legal, and moral manner.
Positive Work Culture
We will promote a positive culture for workers by:
Employees will exhibit a strong work ethic by taking ownership, caring about the job, and doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.